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White Paper: Three Reasons Why Businesses Fail


Too many great small businesses fail when they don’t have to. At Gibraltar, we’ve worked with thousands of small businesses, and have learned a few lessons we would like to share.

Our paper, “Three Reasons Why Businesses Fail…And How to Avoid Them” has great information to help keep business owners away from the most common reasons we have seen good businesses find themselves out of business.

This paper contains valuable insights into…

  • The importance of managing cash flow
  • Why great staff – and great leaders – matter more now than ever
  • The role of technology in business success

*You can also download “Capital Advance – 3 Keys to Protecting Your Cash Flow,” which answers questions about how a capital advance affects the way cash flows through your business. Find out the truth about repayment options, fees you will pay, and ways to invest your capital.